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pdf Hints for your Roll Out Awningpdf Caravanner’s Code of Ethics

A code of ethics for travellers – Consideration for other travellers and the environment.

pdf Caravan Care & Maintenance

Although maintenance procedures for caravans, trailers etc. are mostly common sense and follow the same principals as other vehicles, these points may assist in covering areas which may otherwise be overlooked.

pdf Caravan Clubs

Enjoy your van all year round by using it once a month at a club rally instead of once a year for your holidays.  You will also meet friends to travel with and enjoy our beautiful country with others who have a common interest.

pdf Gerry Cans

Can you carry extra fuel?

pdf Helpful Hints for Caravanners

Helpful hints on packing your van for travelling, what to take, a check list, etc.

pdf Power Supply & Safety

240V power and safety standards for your recreational vehicle

pdf Queensland Road Distance Chart

pdf Recreational Vehicle Owners Handbook.

This manual has been prepared by the Recreational Vehicle Manufacturers Association of Australia to enable RV owners to receive the maximum enjoyment and utility from their vehicles.  The guidelines and recommended practice have been prepared by qualified engineers based on experience over many years. If they are followed, many pitfalls will be avoided.

pdf Refrigerators

Gas/electric (absorption)refrigerators need at least 24 hours continuous running before they will attain their optimum operating temperatures ……….

pdf Towbar Types & Capacities

Towbars are broadly divided into 2 categories encompassing 4 classes ……

pdf Towing Guide

This National Caravan & Recreational Vehicle Towing Guide has been produced in response to overwhelming public demand.  In the Guide, you will find a wealth of technical information, handy hints and advice, which, when put into practice, will help you to tow your caravan or other recreational vehicle with a grater degree of confidence and safety. Simply download the Guide by clicking on “Towing Guide” above.

pdf Towing Workshops

For some drivers, towing a caravan is a new experience. The RACQ have developed a Towing Workshop, in conjunction with Caravanning Queensland, which is designed to deliver the relevant training and education necessary to competently and safely tow a caravan. These Workshops are also available to those who already have some towing experience and would like to upgrade their skills.

pdf VIN Plate Definitions

Definitions of what is stamped on the trailer plate of your caravan or trailer (often called the VIN plate)

Information supplied by the Caravaning Queensland Website.