BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY - The Awning Man - Awnings Brisbane

The Awning Man has now been established for seven years. When we first started, there were people with the caravan industry that muted words to the effect that we wouldn’t last.

Not only did we last, our business has grown to the level that we are now looking for others like ourselves, the mums and dads of Australia, to grow the business. It would be our desire to establish The Awning Man brand as the most recognisable brand that people think of when they want service to their caravans / motorhomes.

The DIFFERENCE between The Awning Man and other business, is that we are not a FRANCHISE – we simply seek to establish a ‘network’ of like minded people Australia Wide – a network that provides service at a reasonable cost.

And what is best about this concept is that YOU get to build YOUR BUSINESS at your own pace, and at the end of the day, the business REMAINS YOUR BUSINESS, to do with as you will. You can expand your business, sell it, pass it on to another member of the family, whatever suits your needs.

We work on the theory that there is strength in numbers – individually, we may have moderate success in any venture that we embark upon. But as a ‘team’, we can draw strength from others “that have been there – done that”.

By flying The Awning Man flag atop your business, the travelling public will quickly come to appreciate that it is a business that can be relied upon for quality service, at a reasonable price, without the hassles.

With an extremely reasonable establishment cost, on the job training, and product backup, The Awning Man would have to be one of the best, and securest business opportunities available in Australia today.

So if the prospects of joining one of the fastest growing industries in Australia appeals to you, contact us today to find out how you can become “The Awning Man” for your district.