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Since we first started this enterprise, we have continually endeavoured to update and refine our annexe wall systems to make them ‘smick’. Smick in design, features, colour schemes, additional features that is not ordinarily found in our competitors products. In 2006, after some extensive research and working on feedback from our customers, The Awning Man outsourced the manufacturing our own style and range that we felt best addressed the customer’s needs.

Further down the track in 2008, we finally established the RV Warehouse where now we have our own staff to manufacture each and every annexe wall system to the specific customer’s requirements … no fuss, no hassle, just straight forward service.

We offer a wide range of styles and colours, big windows, small windows, straight stripes, bold colours, any combination of colours and designs. We can also alter the ‘normal setup’ to allow you the added advantage of ‘customising’ your annexe so that it can perform as a multi-functional additional family area that meets YOUR NEEDS. We recognise that at the end of the process, YOU should get a unique product that has YOUR stamp upon it, not simply a mass produced product that is cost effective for the supplier.

Best of all, our prices are extremely competitive … you may pay a wee bit extra on some occasions but at the end of the day, you will get an annexe that you need, an annexe that is easy to install … and great to use.

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